Where to find a Lace Front Wig like Beyonce Wears?

Beyonce wears only top of the line Lace Front Wigs.  Her Lace Wigs are some of the best Lace Wigs on the market, and are found only in the best lace wigs salons in the world.  Beyonce wears either a Full Lace Front wig or a Partial Lace Wig with hair extensions in the back.  These are not the type of Lace Wigs that are found for a few hundred dollars.  These are premium lace front wigs, made from 100% Human Remy Hair, the same type of hair found in the top hair extension techniques of the world today.

Beyonce Lace Front Wigs1

Beyonce has dozens of quality lace wigs.  She buys them from various top lace wigs salons in the world.  She tends to use tap as her attachment method instead of longer lasting adhesive, because she has a professional hair dresser on call who can adjust her hair frequently.  Most of her lace wigs are custom made units, that fit her head to perfect.  She also has lace partials with hair extensions in the back, and not many salons know how to perform that type of combination.

If you live or are near the NYC, New York area, stop by Patricia’s Famous Hair Extensions Salon. They are the world leaders in hair extensions and hair replacement for woman, and carry only the best in Lace Front wigs, high end premium units, the same type of premium units that a woman like Beyonce would choose to wear.  these are hand made units, 70 plus hours of work goes into each unit.  They are the NY, NJ, CT leaders, and have clients from Manhattan, LI, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Philadelphia, Queens, Boston, etc.

Beyonce Lace Front Wigs2

They have a private VIP showroom for private consultations, and 3 private rooms for application, each with Fendi Furniture, TV’s, sinks, etc.  They also have 8 expert lace wig persons for application, and are on a level that few in the world can ever wish to reach.

Visit them at

Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon

30-71 Steinway St

Astoria, NY, 11103