What you need to know when it comes to Custom Lace Wigs

Many people who want a Lace Front Wig, a Full Lace Front Wig, Partial Lace Wig, think about getting a Custom Lace Front Wig. Custom Lace Wigs are great, if you fit the following situation:

Custom Lace Wigs1

1) Have the means to afford a Custom lace Front Wig.  Custom Lace Wigs can cost 50% more that in Stock Lace Front Wigs.

2) Have a unique head size and shape.

3) Want something very unique in color, highlights designs, hair texture, and combination’s.

If you fit any of the above criteria, a Custom Lace Wig is a great option for you hair.  nothing is like have a custom fit lace wig, that you designed, that fits your hair personality.  What should you look for in choosing a custom lace wigs salon?  Make sure they are lace wigs experts.  Make sure they ave performed hundreds or thousands of lace wig sales, and you must see their before and after work.  If you can’t see before and after pictures, go someplace else.  A quality lace wig salon will have hundreds of pictures to show you.

Now, that said, you can probably find a good lace wigs salon in your area that has in stock lace front wigs, that will fit you perfectly.  They come in many different sizes, shapes and colors, and can be cut to fit your head perfectly. Patricia, from the world famous Patricia’s Famous Lace Wigs Salon says ” 90% of her clients can find a Lace Wig that meets all of their needs in her private, VIP showroom”.  The ones that don’t can order a gorgeous Custom Made Lace Wig in her famous salon, and it will be ready in 8 weeks.  She spends 70 hours in each Custom Lace Wig. Big celebrities and the rich always order custom Lace Front Wigs she says, they like to have something very unique and special.

Custom Lace Wigs2

We recommend if you are in the NY, NYC, New York area, you visit Patricia’s Famous Hair Extensions and Lace Wigs Salon.  They are the world leaders in female hair extensions and hair replacement, and offer over 70 Different hair Extensions and Hair Replacement Types. They serve the New York, NY, NYC area, with clients from Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Philadelphia, Boston, Manhattan, Queens, NJ and CT.

They are at

30-71 Steinway St

Astoria, NY, NYC

New York, NY