In Patricia hair extensions lace wigs salon NY, New York for European full lace wigs always uses quality hair in our lace wigs design. And we have best quality full lace wig construction and design. Our salon always provides great applications from our six full lace wigs experts. Best Patricia hair extensions / lace wigs salon will fulfill the dream of people who wishes for European Full Lace Wigs. Most of the people use European Full Lace Wigs for their alluring looks. There are great numbers of salons which provide you with this facility. You can add length of your hair or a beautiful streak of color in a salon. Only thing is you have to find the best one among a large number of salons, which satisfy your needs. european lace wigs All of our European full lace wigs are made with Remy hair. Remy hair is the complete hair strand and has not been weakened by stripping. European full lace wigs Remy hair is created by careful processing which leaves the cuticle in place. The hair gives stronger and superior result. Still, this hair has undergone some processing so it should also be treated gently. Remy hair is always referred to as “cuticle hair” because the cuticle is left intact. Hair that is stripped of the cuticle is always chemically treated to give the hair an softness and shine, which wears down over time, causing tangling and a poor appearance. European full lace wigs Remy hair does not have this problem and is the highest quality hair you can purchase.

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