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Full Lace Wigs Applications in NYC, New York

The application of Full Lace Wigs using liquid adhesives is started from applying a thin coat of the glue around the perimeter of your hairline. After your glue is prepared for application, you must position the lace wig on your head. To make sure it is aligned correctly, you must first bond the wig at the center of your front hairline. Then going from one side to the other, push the edge of the wig down into the adhesive using a fine tooth comb. Double check your hairline and touch-up any areas where the wig is not applied firmly. If you need to remove any excess glue use a Q-Tip and the related solvent. When you have done the application process, tie down your hairline with a silk or satin scarf. This will allow the glue to set and dry correctly. You may also sit under a dryer during this step to help in the drying process.

Full Lace Wigs Applications must be done by a professional. And you should be cautious always while you are wearing this that it has the possibility to come separated due to sweat or highly expressive facial movements because the glue made the lace stiff and it will not allow any movements with the skin on your forehead. Adhesive tapes can also used to fix this on your head. You can even clip to your own hair which is also likely with some designs.

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