Why Choose a Full Lace Front Wig?

Full Lace Front Wigs are all the rage right know for woman who want to look like their favorite stars.   Woman such as Beyonce, Tyra, and Oprah, all wear Full Lace Front Wigs.  The question we need to ask ourselves, is a Full Lace Wig the right thing for you?  Should you do a Full Lace Wig, or a weave for example?   Should you do a Full Lace Wig, or a Partial Lace Front Wig?  Or should you do hair extensions?

Lace Wigs2

The way to find out is by going to a top Lace Wigs Salon.  The type of Lace Wig salon, that does the following:

1) They need to know what all of your lace wig options are, and all of your hair options.  Most Full Lace Wigs Salons only do lace wigs, and are therefore biased into making you buy a lace wig.  Most weave salons only do hair weaves, and are biased for weaves.  The most important thing to do is find a place that does EVERYTHING, and hence they are not biased in one way or another.

2)Take a look at your goals.  Do you want to wash your hair frequently.  Do you want to change the texture of your hair?  Do you want to expose your hair? Do you have hair loss anywhere?  these are important questions to have answers to, when choosing what to do.

3) Take a look at your budget.  What can you afford? weaves tend to be the cheapest.  A quality Full Lace Wig is more expensive.  A partial Lace Wig with extensions is the best, and the most expensive.  Can you afford the uptake costs of the hair system you want to buy?

If you live in the New York, NYC, NY area, or close to New York, like NJ, CT, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Boston, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, LI, or Westchester, we recommend going to Patricia’s Famous Lace Wigs Salon, the world leader in fine lace wigs, hair extensions, and hair replacement.  They are experts in all of the above areas, and deal in the best in Full Lace Wigs.  They can also help you find the best solution for you hair, since they are not biased in any one solution, because they have over 70 different hair extensions and hair replacement options.

They are located at

30-71 Steinway St

Astoria, NY, 11103