Luxury Lace Wigs are properly customized wigs made to your exact specifications. They quality is unsurpassed.

Luxury Lace Wigs are the most natural looking technique in hair extension and hair replacement today. Luxury Lace Wigs cap is cut close for a natural looking hair line and the hair appears so natural, it looks as if the hair is growing straight from the scalp. The hair can be parted at any point, and it looks natural. The versatility of a Luxury Lace Wigs allows you to style your hair as you would your own, with the convenience of semi-permanent attachment. Patricia Hair Extensions Salon manufactures the Luxury Lace Wigs using only the finest 100% Indian Remi Hair.


Luxury Lace Wigs is all about getting various ideas of wearing lace wigs, as there are no limitations to style. Patricia Hair Extensions Salon will give some tips and tricks to out regular customer, so that they should look cool after wearing their Luxury Lace Wigs. Everybody can get a unique look and inspiration for the people who are wearing Patricia’s Luxury Lace Wigs. Luxury Lace Wigs always make you look beautiful and sexy, if you carry yourself in right manner. Luxury Lace Wigs are mainly designed keeping in mind about the women’s needs like hair fall, dandruff and diseases. There are large variety of beautiful Luxury Lace Wigs now-a-days available in Patricia Hair Extensions Salon. Better to take advice before buying this wig, if the problems are related to hair loss.

Patricia Hair Extensions Salon hand made Luxury Lace Wigs is made of 100% Brazilian Virgin Human Hair.  This hair is rare to acquire and each is donor is personally selected in Brazil by Patricia’s Luxury Lace Wigs team.  I promise you that you will not turn back once you experience the Patricia’s Luxury Lace Wigs.  The hair is very soft, silky and easy to manage. It can be flat ironed for a straight style but, this unit is best worn naturally curly like an exotic Brazilian woman.  The hair texture is strong, so you can do anything to it and it will not be damaged.

With good care and maintenance of your Luxury Lace Wigs, it can last for years. Patricia’s Luxury Lace Wigs has a freestyle design which means you can part it anywhere or wear it up in a high ponytail.  The hair density goes from 100-120% it has a lighter density around the perimeter and gradually gets thicker throughout. It is designed to mimic the way your hair naturally grows out of your scalp. If you ever dreamed of long exotic curls flowing down your back, then this is definitely the Patricia Luxury Lace Wigs for you.

In Patricia hair Extensions Salon, all Luxury Lace Wigs is handled with a special process comparable to those of processing cashmere, which ultimately allow better preservation of the hair cuticles. This creates stronger, fuller-bodied, durable full lace units.  This hair has been obtained from a single donor, and is the full length of the strands, from the root to the end. All the cuticles will run in the same direction as well.