New York Lace Wigs Salon

There are many lace front wigs salons in the New York, NY, NYC area.  What is something you want to find when choosing a Lace Front Wigs salon?  You need to make sure the salon is properly licensed, that they are a Full Service hair salon, and that they specialize in Lace Wigs.  Many Lace Wigs Salons don’t have licensed Cosmetologists in their Salon.  Why go somewhere where the people in the salon, aren’t even Cosmetologists?

Another thing to look for is a salon that deals in quality lace wigs.  Quality Lace Wigs are important, because a lace wigs that costs a few hundred dollars looks fake and will tangle easily.  It is important to go to a place that uses only the finest in 100% human hair.  The same type of hair that is found in the best hair extensions.  This way you know the lace wig will not tangle.

The design of the lace wig is very important.  Some salons have special designs that ensure the lace wig will last, and will not break apart.  A quality design, something that has taken many man hours to make, is very important.  Do not buy lace wigs that are rushed or machine made.  they tend to fall apart easily.

A good lace wig application is key.  You want a place that knows how to apply lace wigs.  A good application can last 6 weeks.  A quality lace wigs salon will also fix any lifts you might have in between maintenance if you get a blow out in their salon.

Our top recommendation based on all of the above, is Patricia’s Famous Lace wigs salon.  They are the New York, NY, NYC leaders in fine lace wigs.  Nobody has better lace wigs, that Patricia’s Famous Hair Salon.  They are located in Astoria, Queens, NY and serve the Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, NY, NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, NJ and CT areas.

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We recommend Patricia’s Salon, because they use the best hair in their lace wigs, they put 70 hours of work into each lace wig, they do the best applications, and have a staff of 18 people in their salon, 8 of which are lace wigs pro’s.

They can be reached at



30-71 Steinway st

Astoria, NY, 11103

New York, NY, NYC