NYC Lace Front Wigs

A Lace Front Wig is a personal decision.  A Lace Front Wig is not for everyone.  It takes time and effort to get use to.  Your have certain limitations on Lace Front Wigs that you do not have with either types of hair extensions and hair replacement.  that is why it is important to go to a top of the line lace wigs salon, that knows what they are doing, and can help you with your lace wigs options.  We recommend Patricia’s Lace Wigs salon in NYC.  They are located in Astoria, Queens, NYC.  They deal only in premium, top of the line Lace front Wigs, the same type of lace wigs used by many top celebrities.

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If you live in NYC, work in NYC, or plan on visiting NYC, make sure you visit Patricia’s Lace Wig’s Salon.  They only deal with top of the line, 100% Human Lace Front Wigs.  These Lace Front Wigs are top of the line, real looking, natural, and use the best in Human Hair.  Each wig takes dozens of hours to make, that is why they are the best in NYC lace front wigs. Best thing to do is visit them for a free consultation.  They will show you their private lace front wigs showroom.  It is on a separate floor of their Vip Salon. If you want the Lace Front Wig, they can apply it right after! They have 3 private VIP rooms for application.


Do yourself a favor, if you live in NYC, or are near NYC, do what hundreds of other women have done.  Go to Patricia’s Famous Lace Wigs Salon.  They will give you a free consultation.  They serve the NYC, NY, New York, Manhattan, Queens, NJ, CT, long Island, and Tri-State area.

They can be reached at



30-71 Steinway St

Astoria, NY, NYC, New York