Partial Lace Wigs Right for me?

There is a debate on whether one should use a partial lace front wig with hair extensions, or use a full lace wig.  We recommend a partial lace wig extensions.  Partial lace wigs are used mainly for the front hair area.  It is fantastic for women with thinning hair in the front.  If you hair is thin, or you are have hair loss, or any of the various forms of alopecia, then a partial lace front wig will work for you.

Lace Wigs1

Adding hair extensions in the back gives your hair the ultimate look, the look of the stars.  This look allows you to wash your hair more easily than having a full lace front wig, and allows you to have the most natural of hair looks.  Most lace wigs salons, will not offer this look!  This type of look is usually found in only the best lace wigs salons, or the best hair extensions salons, so most places do not push this type of look, or offer this look.

What is one to do, if you want the best in partial lace wigs and hair extensions?  If you live in the NY, NJ, CT areas you are in luck, because the world’s best hair extensions salon is located in the New York, NJ, CT area.  That lace wigs salon is Patricia’s Famous Hair Extensions salon.  they are the world leader in fine hair extensions, lace wigs, partial lace wigs, in the NYC, NY, New York area, and they serve Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Philadelphia, Boston, Westchester, and Long Island areas.  They have a huge staff of quality hair extensions and lace wig professionals that can help you find the best hair look for you.

They offer a free hair consultation and hair analysis, and will help you decide if a lace wig, full lace wig, partial lace wig, partial lace wig with hair extensions, is going to be the right thing for you.

They are located at

30-71 Steinway St

Astoria, NY, 11103